A Quick Guide to Sweet Hiking

Sweet Hiking started as a platform to share the journey, adventure, and unique experience we all can have through each hiking and backpacking adventure.


What you can find here:


Prepping & Planning

Along with the typical gear and meal planning essential to backpacking in general, we’ll explore different tips, tricks, and trials of preparing for a 2,200 mile trek. Although our focus will mostly be related to food and gear, psychological preparation is necessary for any feat of endurance. By providing a perspective of the real physical ups and downs that come with real ups and downs on the mountains.

All the food

Eating well on the trail is essential to sustaining 15 mile + daily hikes. Through the founder’s experience with backpacking with type 1 diabetes. We are focused on low carb meals. We will outline our meal plans and resupplies and review various products that travel well in a backpack. By choosing to make our own meals which focus on a high calorie to weight ratio that nourishes, strengthens, and revitalizes a weary backpacker. All of us at Sweet Hiking are excited to share creative and delicious dehydrated recipes and prepackaged snacks/meals, straight from the Sweet Hiking test kitchen.

All the gear

No trail journal is complete without a gear page, and we will show how our selections evolve. You’ll also find plenty of reviews and gear discussion on the blog, and we welcome you to join the conversation.

All the rest

Ultimately, Sweet Hiking is a growing community of hikers, both seasoned and new. Truth is Hiking is Sweeter when shared with friends.

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